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About Us

Garudamas Chemical Sdn Bhd is in the business of trading and distribution industrial chemicals (technical and purified grade). Started humbly as an enterprise, our growth has been tremendous over the years until present with the support of our valued customers such as you as we work closely together.


The company actively supplies and distribute wide range of industrial chemicals to various industries such as rubber, wood, electronic electroplating, metal, textiles, water treatment agencies, agriculture and throughout the country.


Many of our principles are leading manufacturers in their respective field and have earned the prestigious quality certification. With established strong business relationships with our principals being build over the years, we have met both the expectations and needs of principals and customers to their satisfaction with highest quality and reliable products there is in the market. 

Garudamas Group is in the business of Full Range of Value-Added services to all Industrial Players’ total needs and wants, to achieve competitive SAVING advantages, in order to ensure our beloved clients have budget to preplan challenging year ahead.

Chemicals Division

Basic raw material Organic & Inorganic chemicals (Specialty Tech & Purified) total distribution (Industrial Input). With experiences of B-to-B trade of raw materials, down streaming into various type of useful products.  Disinfection Sprays, Cleaners, Sanitizers for B to C clients’ need.  Customers Price satisfaction is always our priority goal.

1.) Pure Silicon Wax/Fluids


Suitable for any rubber upholstery protection or tires to enhance shining duration.  High viscosity is recommended for high resistance to oxidation, excellent lubricity.
2.) Innovative Disinfection Liquid Sprays


Suitable for Industrial office cleaning regularly.  Kills virus and bacteria, reduce rate of infection effectively.  Eliminate life threatening virus for employees, visitors and families.  Concentrated grade is highly recommended for hygiene practice.
3.) All Kind of Cleaners


Available for various types of industries’ application.  Cleaner for Rubber Molding, Cleaner for Ceramics Tiles, Cleaner for Metal Aluminum with ANTI RUST coating and Effective Multipurpose Cleaner.
4.) Rubbing Alcohol Sanitizers Liquid/Gel


Available for industries’ needs.  Antibacterial, Antivirus, Anti gems, Anti fungi.  In general, rubbing alcohol only able to kill germs on your hand.  However, our Rubbing Alcohol comes with additional ingredient, which allows to sit on surface for at least 10 minutes at room temperature, with ability to kill pathogens on your skin surface in less time.
5.) Trading Products


LABSA, SLES, C6H180Si2, Na2Si03, H2o2, CIO, OH, CH3COOH.

IETS Division

WWTP services, collection & recycling sludges of (Industrial Output), in order to be zero waste contributed to our environment.  In house formulated various types of PERFORMANCE Coagulant Al, Fe with PERFORMANCE PH Liquid both acidic and alkaline. Customers would have peace of mind without failing DOE compliance. We are a recognized IETS Coagulant blender, formulated performance and effectiveness for individual industries’ need.  Green environment is our long term committed objective.

1) Coagulant, Liquid Performance


Its an effective solution without residuals, Multi Proven formulas with sludge reduction and Industrial recognition since 2006.

2) Services of Waste Disposal or Self Treatment


Free consultation and free sample analysis, provide effective cost evaluation for disposal and recovery treatment.

3) Trading Products


FeCl3, FeSO4, AI2O3, Na2CO3, Ca(OH)2, Al2(SO4)3 Imported.

Overall, our group vision, sincerely to be a true industrial player.  Able to provide Full range of Products and Services related to all kinds of industrials’ needs.  From raw materials input to waste disposal output and logistic carriages services, to achieve synergy and transformation saving toward our gov goal Industrial 4.0.