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Your Professional Chemical Supplier

Garudamas Chemical Sdn Bhd is in the business of trading and distribution industrial chemicals (technical and purified grade). Started humbly as an enterprise, our growth has been tremendous over the years until present with the support of our valued customers such as you as we work closely together.


Featured Products

Chemicals Performance Coagulant Powder.  It is customed made for various industrial sectors.

Highly effective solution without residuals.  Multi proven formulas with industrial recognition since 2006.  Sludge reduction.

Our Services

Free consultation of Cost Evaluation of any Chemicals Disposal, Raw Materials, Free Sample Analysis, Treatment or Recovery.

Envision to be Complete Industrial Services not only Chemicals; but also includes Heavy Truck, Forklift, Lube Oil services etc.

Customer Reviews


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Berjaya Mutiara

Buying from direct importer Garudamas, who is an agent or distributor.  Enjoyed lowest cost with valued add services like free consultation of cost evaluation, free sample analysis and recovery.


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Kim Won Marketing

Having extra saving and extra efforts offered by Garudamas.  Friendly customer service and uncountable Free services; like delivery, pallets, packaging with unique formula.  It solves our miserable nightmare within overnight. Thanks to Garudamas.


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Garudamas has a Complete Full Industrial Services.  Anything related Chemicals, warehouse, logistics, transport, disposal, problem solving, safety, IETS, vehicles, machinery etc. 

A great industrial partner to grow together since 2006.  

Many people are saying investing a BMW is like buying an engine; enjoying with free car.  BMW performance.

Garudamas would be giving you an utmost services while other players are just providing basic buy and sell functions.